Create two SMART objectives that you might use when teaching members of a senior center of the importance of increased activity.

Reflect on how you would use this process in your own career. In community health, we often use the SMART format for writing both goals and objectives. The acronym SMART stands for the following: Specific Measurable/Observable Attainable for target audience within scheduled time and specified conditions Relevant and results-oriented Targeted to the learner and to the desired level of learning During the development process, the nurse must consider factors that may influence the dynamics of the intervention. These include the ages, ethnicities, education levels, languages spoken, and literacy levels of the intended audience. As nurses, we gravitate toward using the medical jargon that we are comfortable with in the teaching and learning processes. However, we must consider cultural influences beyond the lack of English proficiency that may serve as barriers to a successful education-focused intervention. Include evidence-based sources as well as your own reflections on the topic. Use APA formatting for references and in-text citations. Submit journal assignment as a Word document.

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