Create an original artistic representation of your perception on caring in nursing.

The Artistic Expression: Caring Concept assignment Based on selected form of artistic expression, this assignment may require you to submit two different files, one for the artistic expression and a paper. Please submit both files at the same time. Purpose Nursing practice is both an art and a science with caring as a central concept to nursing practice and the profession of nursing. Caring is influenced by the nurses knowledge, skills, and attitudes formed through lifelong learning and experiences. The purpose of this assessment is to explore definitions of caring in nursing. Students will create a definition of caring and an artistic expression of their perception on caring. Course Outcomes Through this assessment, the student will meet the following Course Outcomes. CO 1: Examine roles and competencies of masters-prepared nurses essential to performing as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care. CO 2: Apply concepts of person-centered care to nursing practice situations. Total Points Possible This assessment is worth 125 points. Requirements Criteria for Content Take a moment to reflect on how you demonstrate caring in your current professional practice. Drawings should be formatted on an 8 x 10 document and submitted as a PDF Poems or short-story word document 1 page in length In a one- to two-page written paper, address the following. The importance of caring to nursing practice and the profession A personal definition of caring; include principles of holistic care Definitions of caring found in nursing literature that support your perspective on caring An explanation of the artistic expression you chose and how it represents caring Summary of key concepts presented in the paperPreparing the paper Submission

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