Create a Mock Media Interview on Adolescent Development

Imagine that you have been contacted by a local radio or television station to participate in its series entitled “Promoting Positive Development in Teens: What Can a Parent Do?” Your media contact has told you that they will ask you to provide concrete tips for parents that reflect the latest research findings on promoting positive development in adolescents. Create a transcript for a mock interview in which you respond to at least two interview questions related to physical development/puberty, and two interview questions related to psychosocial development in teens. Also, include a response to the following question: Many parents really want to do what is right, but when they turn to the experts they get conflicting advice. One day it seems research says it is good to ignore teens when sulking; the next day research shows that teens who sulk need more attention. What should a parent to do when it seems like even the experts cannot make up their minds? Support your interview responses with at least five references from research conducted in the past two years. Length: 4 pages total (4 pages for interview transcript, not including title and reference pages

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