Create a final presentation. Pretend as though you are going to present your change proposal to someone above you in your organization to gain their approval and support for your desired change and plan of action to achieve it.

Your presentation should summarize the key points of all eight parts of your final paper. Your presentation should include speaker notes indicating what you would say if you were actually giving the presentation in real life. Do not copy from your paper into the speaker notes. You would not read to your audience, so dont copy directly from your paper. Write in the speaker notes what you would say in person. Your presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides long, include a title slide, references slide, and highlight the key points of each element of your paper. Use graphics as appropriate, ensuring they add value to your presentation. The originality requirements for your paper also apply to your presentation. Do not copy from other resources or websites into your slides. Your slides and speaker notes should be in your own words.

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