Cover Letter & Resume

The Basics: In anticipation of a career or internship opportunity to which you plan to apply within the next nine months, please construct a cover letter and resume. Please reference the samples on pages 221-223 and 234-241 of The Business Writer’s Companion as models. In the notes section of your submission, please list the URL of the company or internship coordinator’s “Employment Opportunities” page so that your resume and cover letter may be weighed against the requirements established for position for which you are applying. If not such page exists, please write a brief narrative about what the requirements for this position are and how you came about this information (if you spoke with someone in the company or industry, please give that person’s position).
Go Beyond: Include information that will help your resume and cover letter stand out. For any job worth having, you certianly will not be the only future gradute of a Top 40 university, with a business degree, double minor, or relevant intership experience. Think about what makes you unique. What can you say that no one else can? You may also experiment with form.
Each document must be type, formatted logically, free of spelling and grammar errors, and logically styled and toned. These documents should be submitted via Blackboard in one Word, PDF, or Rich Text File documents before the time and date above.
100 Points
This assignment will be graded by the following criteria:
Logical tone, format, and style
Spelling and grammar
Perceived effectiveness
I need it in the format of a cover letter.

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