Corporate Governance in an International Context

Academic Misconduct Stage One Hearing

The University has received evidence from a module leader that gives rise to a suspicion of academic misconduct in the form of Plagiarism. The University of Wolverhampton Regulations and Procedure for the Investigation of Academic Misconduct (2012) defines plagiarism as �€œ�€�the act of taking someone else�€™s work and passing it off as your own. This includes incorporating either unattributed direct quotation(s) or substantial paraphrasing from the work of another/others/or yourself.�€

The allegation is in relation to module 7IB001 Corporate Governance in an International, Group Assignment.

This is an allegation, which if substantiated could have serious implications for your status as a student of the University of Wolverhampton. We have identified the following sources in your assignment, which you have not referenced, have referenced incorrectly and appear to be copied from the work of other authors:

�€� Source = 39% match to:- Chaghadari, M.F. (2011) Corporate Governance and Firm Performance, International Conference on Sociality and Economics Development IPEDR, 10, pp.484-489.

You are invited to provide a written response to this allegation with any supporting evidence to the Conduct and Appeals Unit by 29/11/2013

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