Coop Report-HVAC technician/ sales

3.  Challenges Encountered
This should describe three main challenges you encountered in the employment and how you tackled
them. This should include a description of:

•  what problems needed to be solved
•  what approaches could have been tried to solve them
•  what approaches would work, or were tried and worked, and why
•  what approaches wouldn’t work, or were tried and didn’t work, and why
•  what was actually done, and what was (were) the outcome(s)
4.  Learning Objectives

This should describe:

•  what you learned during the co-op term, especially while tackling the challenges described in
the previous section. The skills acquired need not necessarily be technical. They could also be
interpersonal, political, organizational, attitudinal, etc.
•  what you still need to learn, or could have learned that would have helped with the challenges.
Again, the skills are not necessarily technical.
•  what you intend to do to accomplish this learning.  This does not necessarily entail taking
courses at School , as learning can take many forms. It is up to you to determine what will be the
most effective way to acquire the missing knowledge.
Applying What You Learned
This should describe what part(s) of your college courses you applied in your work. For example, how did what you learned in CHE-XXX, CHY-XXX, MTH-XXX, etc., help you do your job, or do it better, faster?

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