consumer, environment, sustainable and consumption

: Integrating content from all the assigned readings/videos/online explorations to date, as well as our in-class discussions, write an essay in response to the following questions:

Given your pro-environmental behavior (or lack thereof), how would you describe yourself as a consumer and member of American society today? Analyze your attitude-behavior gap and describe what you perceive are barriers to you consuming more sustainably. How might consumer education and industry innovation help you reduce/eliminate these barriers?

Your essay should thoughtfully demonstrate your understanding and correct application of course content, as well as your personal reflection on our discussion of these topics. It should be double-spaced and typed using 12-point font but not exceed 5 pages in length. Your essay should also be well organized and grammatically correct.

Reading / Video resource
1.The Role of Social Norms in Energy and Water Conservation”

2. “Ending the Silence on Climate Change”
“When it comes to the environment, education affects our actions” education-affects-our-actions/
3. “The Environment: Public Attitudes and Individual Behavior – A Twenty-Year Evolution”
4. “Engaging Tomorrow’s Consumer”
Patagonia’s Common Threads Partnership
5. “The Seven Sins”

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