Consultancy project for Cabin164

the consultancy project is completed by 4 of us so the term “we” needs to be used instead of I. We will be uploading many files which will need to be read and looked and and use references from within them. Also documents which show how the report should be structured will be given. the report is on a shisha lounge called cabin164. We have chosen an aim and objectives which need to be added into the report as well. research will need to be conducted for this as well ( for cabin 164) into things such as the market value of shisha in the UK also the competitors within the same area as Cabin164 (cabin164 is on google) so it should not be hard finding other shisha lounges in the area and comparing with them. we will also upload pictures onto the website which need to be added into the report we have provided pictures of cabin164 and of pasha (another shisha lounge) add these into the report and please compare them and talk about them and say what is the difference between them. (so basically do a comparison of the photos) primary research is also a core part of this assignment (this information will be provided) we have already completed all the questionnaires required we will upload these for you to just add them into the assignment and talk about them. there are two questionnaires one for cabin164 and another for pasha (another shisha lounge) please compare the results and show the difference (pasha is the better lounge) the overall objective of this report is to show how cabin164 can improve there customer satisfaction ( this is detailed in our aim and objectives which will be provided for you) many references will also be needed for this assignment from various different sources such as journals, e-journals, books, websites etc. reading material : Joe O’Mahoney, Calvert Markham 2nd edition 2013. “management consultancy” Wickam P. & wilcock L,4th ed. (2012). ‘management consulting: delivering an effective project’ Prentice Hall. Financial Time Press Saunders M., Adrian Thornhill A., Lewis P., 6th edition (2012). ‘Research Methods for business students’, Financial Times/Prentice Hall

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