Construction Project

Complete Test and Assessment Construction Project

Each student is asked to select some course, or unit of work within a course, and develop a test and assessment construction project that includes the following:

1. A list 8 important learning outcomes to be assessed.

2. A list of subject-matter topics to be covered in the instruction.

3. A set of specifications for the test items and assessment tasks as described in Chapter 6.

4. A 20-item test using a combination of selection-type and short-answer, supply-type items which includes: (a) complete directions, (b) test items that are appropriate for the specific learning outcomes being measured, and (c) a scoring key. Each test item should be keyed to a specific learning outcome.

5. One extended-response assessment tasks using either the essay question format discussed in Chapter 10 or the performance-based task approach described in Chapter 11. The assessment tasks should include complete directions, including specification of any special resources (e.g., equipment, books) available to students and a scoring guide. Each task should include a brief description of the learning outcomes the task is intended to measure and why those outcomes would be difficult or impossible to measure with items like those used in the 20-item test.

6. A bibliography of books and other source materials used in completing the project.

This project is fairly time consuming but it takes the student through the major steps of constructing tests and assessments that are emphasized in the textbook. Since the steps in the project closely parallel the sequence of the chapters in the textbook, it is possible for students to start on it early in the semester and to work on each phase of it as it is discussed in class.

The above project can be reduced in scope by reducing the number of objectives, the number of test items, or the number of performance assessment tasks.

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