Consider other situations in which people may be unfairly judged by stereotypes or face discrimination.

Understanding the assignment: Write an illustration paragraph. Your paragraph will be at least eight sentences. Your topic sentence should introduce your topic and the point you are going to make about it. The conclusion should summarize your paragraph and provide closure. Assignment: All Guts, No Glory Illustration paragraph Length: 8-12 sentences In All Guts, No Glory, you read about how women are stereotyped in the military, and about discrimination they may face. Choose ONE of the following about which to write an illustration paragraph: 1. Think of a common stereotype and use specific examples to support three reasons why it is untrue. OR 2. Think of a specific situation in which people may face discrimination. Give three reasons, supported by specific examples, why this is unfair. Due date: ____________ Sample topic sentences: 1. A common, but unfounded, stereotype is that men are not emotional. 2. People may unfairly face discrimination due to their religious practices. You should write like this planning: Organize your ideas from step 1 into a logical order. Outline Template Topic sentence: ________________________________________________________________ (No need for sentences in an outline.) I. Reason/Support #1 ____________________________________________________________ A. Specific Example _______________________________________________________ B. Elaboration/personal experience ___________________________________________ II. Reason/Support #2 ____________________________________________________________ A. Specific Example _______________________________________________________ B. Elaboration/personal experience____________________________________________ III. Reason/Support #3 ___________________________________________________________ A. Specific Example _______________________________________________________ B. Elaboration/Personal experience ____________________________________________ V. Conclusion statement (restate the topic sentence) _________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Publish/Final draft Type up the final draft in MLA format with an appropriate header. Turn in final product with all steps evident. Transitions (Signal Words): Use transitions to help move smoothly from one idea to the next. These are good transitions for an illustration essay. one example a second example for example to illustrate for instance other examples in addition such as in the case of another instance like also one instance

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