Computer science

I have 5 questions about a Hotel “”I will provide you the SQL script for this hotel””, you should write the SQL statements for these 5 questions and then using “”””Oracle Database Express Edition 10″”””” you should run these 5 statements separately to test if they provide the right answer, and then Capture the screenshots for each running SQL query .

SO, The final result should be a Word document have 5 SQL statements about the 5 SQL questions that I will provide, and 5 screenshots for the 5 running SQL queries.

The questions are:
!#List all double or family rooms with a price below £40.00 per night, in ascending order of price.?
2#What is the total revenue per night from all double rooms?
3#List the price and type of all rooms at the Grosvenor Hotel.?
4#What is the average number of bookings for each hotel in August?
5#Update the price of all rooms by 5%.?


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