Computer science Title:

As a group, hold a discussion on the sections below. This process will help you to share your views and approaches with team members as you will also have the benefit of hearing team members’ views and approaches.
Discuss trade-off analysis:
• What features could be eliminated without adversely affecting product quality?
• How will cost be affected by features modification?
• How will the overall time frame of the project be affected by the changes?
• Will user requirements still be met?
Discuss milestones and due dates:
• What are the dependencies?
• What portion of the project can be completed simultaneously? How was that determined?
• Will quality be compromised by this approach? Why or Why not?
• Based on the approach discussed, will be customers dateline be met?
Answering some of these questions along with other topics that will be brought up as a result of the discussion will help you to gain a deeper understanding and providing answers to some questions and concerns you might have.
the subject is about research it and talk about it.

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