Computer science

Part 1: Quantum cryptography is the latest technology being considered for cryptography. Read the following articles and write a 4 page review explaining what benefits this technology will offer to confidentiality and privacy and its current state.You may refer to other relevant articles also.–best-defense.html


part 2: In the past as well as the present, several cryptographic algorithms are being broken. Below is a sample of these efforts. You may refer to similar other articles and write a 4-page article summarizing how these are cracked. Explain with examples.

Researchers crack the world’s toughest encryption by listening to the tiny sounds made by your computer’s CPU

Important pints:
1. Originality of writing—-copy and paste from original documents on the web are not acceptable. Read the material and write in your own words what is relevant.
2. Quality of the answers—answers should not be just one liners; each choice should be followed by a brief justification.
3. Citations—make sure to provide complete details of the documents that you have referred. Make sure to mention them as citations wherever they are used.

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