Compare, contrast and analyze

This essay you have to answer the following question: What do the characters that we have met in this class want, really? And: how are theses goals related or not? Find some similarities between these characters. You should consider these characters below: Elizabeth Gilbert (nurturing creativity, Cheng Cheng (Please Vote For Me, documentary film directed by Weijun Chen), Miss Emily Grierson (“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner ),Sir Edward (“The Dark Stage” by David Plante), Warren and Dennis (This is Our Youth, by Kenneth Lonergan ), All-American Poem by Matthew Dickman, House Hunting short story written by Michael Chabon and/or short film directed by Amy Lippman, and This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life, by David Foster Wallace. You have to pick some of these characters (at least 2) to answer the following questions. You should consider these all potential evidence for your answer, ex form Miss Emily Grierson to Elizabeth Gilbert, from Sir Edward to Cheng Cheng. You should also support your answer by citing and quoting from the text. Writ as much as you need to in order to give a comprehensive, persuasive answer to the question.

Further Direction
This essay should discuss as many of the different stories and films and poems that we have encountered that you feel is necessary to offer a persuasive, cogent answer. I encourage you should answer the question as comprehensively as you can, and from as many perspectives as you can. This means that you spend some time considering all of the texts and ideas, central and peripheral, that have appeared in this class, and consider them as potential for use; from Homer Barron to realtor Mr. Hoge; from Aristotle to the poems of Ruth Stone (mentioned in Elizabath Gilbert`s speech) that appear so mysteriously on the horizon and come rollicking down the landscape. Obviously, answers that make new observations, reading, or insights will be scored highly.

This essay is very important as final exam also it is rush. As you finish to read my material if you have any question please let me know asap. The thesis must be very clear in the introduction and very clear body paragraphs. There is one more important thing I have to mention: Please do not write the summarizes for these of films and stories.

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