Compare and contrast frameworks to analyze global business operations.

#2 Evaluate an organization’s internal and external environment and competitive position.Assignment Purpose: identify the vision and mission of a company.Assignment : Mission and Vision; Company Overview
Conduct research of a company or organization of your choosing.
Use all of the tools necessary to conduct an evaluation of vision and mission of the company or organization you have chosen.
Make sure you emphasize the general description of the organization, its core and non-core business values, any specific ethical, social or environmental values the company is known for.***A successful paper will include the following: Create a general description of the organization,
A summary of those Vision and Mission statements.
A definition of what is core and non-core to that company
A list of special values associated with that company.
The assignment should be 2-3 pages in length, APA formatted including citations and at least 3 peer-review references.

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