comparative legal context

?In the ?Laval Quartet? series of cases( Laval, Viking,Ruffert and Luxembourg) the Court of Justice has struck the correct balance between protecting the right to collective action under EU law and protecting the rights of free movement of services and establishment?.
Critically assess this statement.

1. Explain what the Court decided in the four cases (using the lecture notes, the articles and links suggested, etc) 2. Explain what we mean by the ‘right to collective action’ and the ‘rights of free movement of services and establishment? 3. There is a LOT of material written about these cases; outline (some of) the arguments in favour of the Court’s decision and some against 4. Conclude with your (informed) opinion about the outcome.

Section 4: Writing a Legal Essay
The main parts of the essay are as follows:
1. Title.
2. Introduction.
In the introduction you should set out the main argument of your essay. The introduction can also include an explanation of the structure of your essay.
3. Body.
The main part of your essay should be divided into sections and paragraphs. Headings and sub-headings should be used.
4. Conclusion.
In the conclusion, you must briefly summarise the main points you made in the body of your work and then give an overall response to the essay title.
5. Appendix (if any)
You might want to include e.g. an important piece of legislation in your appendix.
6. Bibliography.
Divide your bibliography sections: Books, Journal Articles and Other.
Arrange all the sources alphabetically.
7. List of statutes/legislation.
Divide by jurisdiction. Arrange chronologically or alphabetically.
8. List of cases.
Divide by jurisdiction. Arrange alphabetically.

You must use footnotes in your essay. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively. You can use footnotes for referencing legal sources or to give more details, e.g. definitions, explanations, or points of information that are not directly related to the work at hand.

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