i would like to make 2 changes or add 2 things. I will write what i need exactly here by step. IT IS IMPORTANT ((I NEED THE SAME WRITER HOW WROTE THE PAPER WHICH ID IS U178805.
1- Neuwirth (2000) identifies a reference group is a term that is used to refer to a group in which individual belong and relate their individual preferences to. The reference group plays two major functions to individuals. The first function is to provide the members of the group with reference for the standards to apply in judging the behavior and views portrayed in public domain (Noelle-Neumann, 1984). The second function of a reference group is to deliver rewards and or punishment for the members of the group who comply or fail to comply with the standards as set by the group for certain behavior and action (Neuwirth, 2000). Reference groups offer critical competition to the mass media in influencing and determining the formation of opinions for the members of this group (Glynn & McLeod, 1984). (( here While some summary is needed, also need some examples of research in this area that applied spiral of silence.))

2- End with your research question. This research question should contribute to the evolution of your specific theory.

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