Clarity of purpose: set forth an indigenous ontology of place, that is: describe the essential indigenous ways of knowing and doing in relation to ones place and all it holds – and whether understanding and honoring this matter.

Imagine that youre the Indian child in Sherman Alexies Unsaved. Now an adult, write a letter to yourself, reflecting on that experience, honoring your self-worth and the worthiness of indigenous wisdom. Your letter is your essay. It should express an indigenous ontology of place.In your writing, use ideas and principles from these nine (9) sources: the short video, Proud to Be; the symbol of the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office (NITHPO); the traditional Mohegan story, Chahnameed; and the readings by Roberta Conner, Glen Coulthard, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Leslie Marmon Silko and any two of the readings by Sherman Alexie.Use each source at least once, for a combined total of at least ten times, in any combination that makes sense to the logic of your letter. Indicate with a footnote where youve used the source in your paper and include the page number(s) of the source youve used (e.g. Roberta Conner, 87). If you dont do this I wont be able to grade your paper. To make a footnote, place the cursor at the place you want to reference. From the menu bar click on references, then insert footnote. Type in the source and the page number below the line at the bottom of the page. Repeat these steps to make your next footnote. This will automatically number the footnotes for you as you move through the paper.
Dont use any direct quotations of more than a few words: nearly all the essay must be in your own words.
Dont use any outside sources use only those sources listed in the prompt.Grade: 10 points

2. Effective and accurate use of the required sources: show that you understand how principles, ideas and observations expressed and included in the sources relate to an indigenous ontology of place.
3. Mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation): helpful, but not part of the grade on this essay.

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