Choosing Statistics II. What statistic would you use if you wanted to see if there was a difference between three ethnic groups on math achievement? Explain why.

Discussion Board Thread
Respond to the following short answer questions:
1 Recoding Variables. Why did you recode fathers education and mothers education? When would you not want to recode normal/scale level variables into two or three categories?
2 Computing Variables. Why did you compute parents education?
3 Evaluating Data. In Output 5.5, do the pleasure scale scores differ markedly from the normal distribution? How do you know? Is math courses taken normally distributed?
4 Interpreting Statistics. When p < 0.05 what does this signify? 5 Choosing Statistics I. What information about variables, levels, and design should you keep in mind in order to choose an appropriate statistic? 7 Choosing Statistics III. What statistic would you use if you had one independent variable geographic location (North, South, East, West), and one dependent variable satisfaction with living environment (Yes, No)? Explain why

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