Choose one of the three stories from this week (“Hills Like White Elephants,” “A Rose for Emily,” “A & P”). Using the chapter checklists for the plot and character chapter, analyze the story you choose for plot and character.

The goal is not to answer every question but focus on the questions that are pertinent to your story. Present your response in paragraph form.Some useful tips:A summary of a story is when you retell what happens in a story. That is not analysis. When you analyze plot, you talk about exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. You also discuss the structure of the story (linear vs. non-linear) and how the structure affects the story. You should not write summaries.
Students are not allowed to use study guides or related materials in this class. Things like SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, GradeSaver, free essay websites, Shmoop, and other “homework help” websites are considered cheating. Why? Because you aren’t doing the thinking. You are just repeating what they say. You need to read the stories in this class and do your own analysis.
When you discuss characters, you need to be talking about whether they are round or flat, static or dynamic, and what motivates them. That is a big part of character analysis.
It is not just about identifying these terms – you have to give details and explanation. Don’t say “Emily was a round character” and leave it at that. Say “Emily is a round character because the audience learns a great deal about her life. She is under strict control of her military father with no mother around for most of her young life. Her father kept anyone who wanted to see or date her away, so she was incredibly lonely. All she had was her, and when he died, it shattered her world. We learn about her present as well. When Homer Baron comes to town, even though the townspeople don’t like him, Emily finally sees a possibility at love. However, she cannot accept Homer for who he is, and when he tries to leave her, she does the only thing she can think of to keep him with her – she kills him. After that, she sleeps with his corpse every night, replacing a real person who might leave her with a dead one that will never abandon her.” Identify, then explain

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