Choose a treatment model that was discussed in the course and discuss the rational for your choice of treatment modality. Describe the treatment model and theory behind the model. What are the goals and objectives of the model.

Social work was not an option, however this is for a social work course titled Assessment and Treatment of substance Abuse disorders. The case study is based on the author and protagonist of the book titled “Drinking: A love story” by Caroline Knapp. The instructions are as followed: Pretend you are the clinician of Caroline Knapp. Discuss what techniques in that model you would use for Caroline Knapp Discuss the outcome of the treatment and limitations of the model (approach); I would like the paper to focus on family and couples therapy for Caroline. Some references to include: Rosen, D., Smith, M.L., & Reynolds, C.F. (2008). The prevalence of mental and physical health disorders among older methadone patients. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 16(6), 488-497. Seinreich, E. & Vairo, E. (2014). The assessment and treatment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients with substance use disorders. Chapter 20 in Clinical Work with Substance Abusing Clients (3rd Edition). L.A. Straussner, ed. Begun, A. & Brown, S. (2014) Neurobiology of Substance Use Disorders and Implications for Treatment (A. Begun & S. Brown). Chapter 2 in Clinical Work with Substance Abusing Clients (3rd Edition). L.A. Straussner, ed. * Kinney, J. (2012). Loosening the grip: A handbook of alcohol information (10th edition). NY: McGraw-Hill. CHAPTER 3: Alcohol and the Body (pp. 53-71);

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