Children abuse

Final Research Prospectus (Project) Paper
Final Paper Handout –
Note: All labs should work towards your final research paper. Keep this in mind as you complete the lab work.
Final Prospectus Research Paper………………………………300 pts

Every paragraph must be cited (in APA)–see link below. Do not use personal opinions/personal pronouns in this assignment, this must be in third person.

Minimum 10 written pages on a Children’s issue—from introduction to conclusion. Hand in three scanned cover page copies of the three peer-reviewed journals and three abstract pages of the three peer-reviewed articles and attach them (6 pages total) to the back of your final paper (after the Bibliography section). 6 plus 10 equals 16 pages of the total sum as the minimal count of your final paper. Bibliography must have a minimum of 10 references, in which at least three references are from peer-reviewed articles. Please use four main points as a minimum in your Table of Contents and you must cite every paragraph in your Literature Review. See handouts for my specific instructions and specific format (i.e., this Final paper must be structured exactly like the Final paper handout). Please do not use Wikipedia and other unreliable sources (- 100 points). Do not use personal pronouns (must be in third person). You must hand-in your cover page (15 pts), and table of contents (15 pts), due date will be given in class. You cannot change topics. See sample handout for structuring this assignment.

You must submit your cover page (15 pts), and table of contents (15 pts), see week 6 in schedule for beginning due date (See handout for specific details—the Final Research Project Paper–see link on left).

Handout and specific details will be given in class on week 6. See sample handout for structuring this assignment.

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