Child Observation

this paper is for Child Development class. I can’t find child development in Subject that’s why I chose Case Study in Subject. The instruction for this papers are: observe the child age between 2 and 5, and be within the range of behavior and development considered "normal" or typical for the age. Prior to this observation you should review the expected basic motor milestones, physical development, and the social-emotional,language and cognitive developmental stages excepted for the age of the child you will be observing. You may have to make two visits so that the child and other children nearby will be comfortable with you. Observe for more than one time period if you can. If observing one time only, try observing the child in different types of activities, and in different areas. Please answer how much do you see. You don’t need to answer every questions. Is ok to include some of them because it’s impossible to answer everything. Please answer questions such as: How is the child’s general physical and motor development? What is their general state of health? Do they move around much? Are they free to move around? How is their general activity level? Do yo see any large motor "milestones" or fine motor "milestones"? Do they seem to have good balance and coordination? What is the child doing? Are they playing by themselves or with another child or children? How many,and how do they interact? Are they using any toys, materials or equipment? How are they using the toys, materials? How long do they stay with the same activity? Can you figure out why they do on to the next activity? Does child seem generally "happy". "unhappy"_what is their emotional state? Does it change? How does their emotional state change as they interact with others, children and adults? Do they interact differently with different people? Do they seem to have some "special friends"_children they are choosing to play with?Do you see any cognitive, problem solving behavior? How do they approach a task? Do they choose something to do which is interesting to them? Do they talk to themselves or anyone else about what they are doing? Do you hear the child speaking_language development? Do you know if they are bilingual? Do they speak in long sentences or short phrases or mostly point and gesture? What are they taking about? Do you have a chance to see the child drawing or lettering? Can you get an example of their drawing? How long do they spend on the drawing or lettering, and is it independent work or encouraged by an adult? Overall, what do you think? Does the child "fit" well in this environment, in the setting? How is the child’s general wellbeing and level of competence for his or her age? Suggested format: please leave blank for my name but you can include the number and day of the course. put the date and entitle your report: Child Observation. List the child’s first name only, age(year and months) and sex; given the time/s of day and the setting/s.

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