Chicago movie – 2002

Your research essay should be an analysis of ONE film that incorporates the major aesthetic devices discussed in class: Shots, Mis-en-Scene, Sound, Symbolism, Color, Movement, Editing, Contrast, Lighting, and Framing.

Let us examine the process of deconstructing an entire film’s aesthetic highlights.
Analyze the final film selection through research in which you integrate information on the film as well as information on each individual aesthetic devices within it.

Final Exam Written Essay:

Compose a 9-13 page essay that thoroughly explains and analyzes your chosen topic, in this example, a film upon which you haven’t written. Begin with the history of your film, situate it historically within its time and examine the social construct surrounding it. For example, if your film was Chaplin’s The Great Dictator you would focus on the historical and social implications of World War II and the Nazi Regime as a background to the film’s themes.
As you examine the films aesthetics, remember that your reader is familiar with the film, so you do NOT RECAP the PLOT, scene for scene, but rather discuss the film as though your reader is acquainted with it and the characters so that you can freely make references to it.

You may choose to define each aesthetic principle, if you wish, and then move on to examine that device within the film, or you may analyze the film scene by scene including various aesthetics as they occur. The structure for the essay is your choice.

Include your sources which should consist of books, journals, and computer search information. You should have at least 12 + sources for your work, no more of which
Two-thirds can be from the Internet—the rest must be either books or journals (magazines). Use a traditional essay format which consists of an introduction, Thesis sentence, sections which prove your major points with specific support and correct grammar and spelling.


Word processed or typed
12 + sources Works Cited page (bibliography)

APA Format

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