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All sources must be cited. The project will be for you to write a Job Hazard Analysis/Standard Operating Procedure using the format prescribed in Lesson 11 (see PowerPoint on Black Board).

What you will be doing is conducting a Job Hazard Analysis/SOP.
What I want you to do is craft a JHA/SOP based on the criteria listed below.
I decided to leave the job opportunities open ended. If you run into difficulty,
default to a garbage truck operator (keep in mind the focus to control the physical number of steps) or a cashier at a grocery store (something easy to monitor).
Select a job that is in your organization that is one of those jobs that you may be having some difficulty with or is a job that is somewhat challenging. It should have at least 10 steps to the job and require some PPE and have some hazards associated with it, such as chemical, biological, electrical, mechanical, etc. If you do not have a job like this in your facility, then try to find one. It can also be associated with either a confined space issue, Lockout/tagout issues, life-safety, asbestos exposure or bloodborne pathogens. Or the control of chemical hazards or noise hazards, as set forth in OSHA’s Hearing Conservation Program. Finally, you may want to look at issues involving the use of powered industrial trucks, such as forktrucks or manlifts or aerial cranes like the ones used in construction.
You may want to do a demonstration of a confined space entry, with a tripod and harness, etc… or an electrical safety lockout/tagout procedure on a piece of equipment. Worst case scenario, go out and take a video of your garbage man picking up your garbage and operating the mechanical levers on his truck. You should then use the JHA blank form that is in the Course Documents and incorporate it into your project. So, how you do this is our choice.
You may ask –how long should this be? Well, I will answer that this way. Long enough to cover, at a minimum, the main headings in presentation 11 under “suggested layout.”

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