CHEATING – Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Any student caught cheating on an examination should be automatically dismissed from the college.  Support your answer with reasons, examples, etc.

•        1+ Expert evidence to support your opinion (remember how to evaluate sources)
•        APA/MLA citation (at the end of your essay)
•        Please include weblink to evidence, which is not necessarily part of citation
•        Brief refutation.
•        250 words (1 page).  May write up to 400 words.  This does not include title, citation, etc.
Be sure to:
Carefully read and answer question/prompt.  Some questions may have multiple parts – be sure to answer all sections.
Support your point; do not simply or only include a statistic related to the topic (for example: saying X% of students own a tablet is not supporting why you think paper textbooks should/should not be eliminated).
Plan!  Organize your ideas before you write
Make sure you support your opinion.  Support your opinion with reasons, examples, and evidence.  Make sure these support the point and are not simply related to the topic.
Cite your sources in-text as well as at the end (complete APA/MLA citation).  Check formatting of source.
Spell check!  Grammar check!

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