Written Paper Guidelines
• 750-1000 words in length not including references, footnotes, author notes
• Times New Roman, 10 point
• 1” margins on each side
• left justification
• single spaced, skip line between paragraphs
• no indentation at start of paragraph
• Title, Author Name, Introduction are required sections, other sections/sub-sections are up to the author
• tables and figures can be in any format, and should be included in the text (not at the end)
• references can be in any format
• lists in bullet points in the text are encouraged
• use endnotes, not footnotes, and use them only if absolutely necessary.
• after reference section, include an author profile – Your name in bold followed by 2-3 sentences about you, including current position, relevant accomplishments and such.
• Title and section headings should be all capitals, bold and with a line before and after, sub-section headings should be upper and lower case bold and with no line after:
• Title at top of first page, bold, capitals
• skip a line after title, then author’s name and affiliation separated by a comma
• course number/name and semester separated by a comma on the line after author’s name
• e-mail address on the line after the course and semester
• No title page or report cover
• Paper is to be submitted on or before June 20, 2016

The basic idea and purpose of the paper is to show how the course material is revealed in the movie. A primary premise is that the course material is about human beings and reveals itself in many settings, not just work.
You can and should limit yourself to just one or a few concepts from the chapter. The introduction should say what the paper is about – its purpose and structure. At the end the conclusion should reflect and summarize the content of the paper.
One approach is for each topic/subtopic to have its own section. In each section is a very brief description of the phenomenon, followed by the example.
If your chapter was “individual differences” you might decide to cover just the ‘big-five’, with a small section for each. The ‘extraversion’ section would start with one or two sentences on extraversion, then discuss the major characters or pick a few characters that showed different levels of extraversion.
The presentation should be a summary of the paper, meant for an audience of your peers (students in MGT 3060 that saw the same movie)
There are format guidelines for the paper and links to how to make a narrated powerpoint in course documents.

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