Censorship versus Freedom of Expression

Study artwork Colossal Buddha from Bamiyan Afganistan it has e been censored or in some other way withheld from public view ( it was destroyed by Taliban in 2001). Are there any works you have read about that the public has been prevented from seeing? Do you believe that artworks should never be censored, or do you think that there are some subjects that should be banned? Write your essay defending your belief in the limits or freedoms of expression in art, using at least two specific artworks as examples to make your point. This response has a 500 word minimum.

2. Find an artwork that depicts a battle (This artwork is of your choosing as long as it depicts battle). Study the history of the battle and then ask yourself whether the artist recorded the history of the battle accurately. Did he or she try to persuade the viewer to support one side in the battle? How?

The reference should be made from "Gateways to Art" DeWitte, Larmann, Shields Thames & Hudson ISBN 978-0-500-28973-0 or an online source.

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