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Formal Report (FR)
The formal report is where it all comes together. You’ll have a great deal of freedom and flexibility in deciding how to focus and organize your proposed formal report. Variations from your proposal, even significant variations, may be permitted with prior approval of your instructor. In any case, the content should pull together the kinds of definition and description skills included in earlier papers. You will receive a Formal Report Tasking Sheet with the specifications for this assignment. Follow these specifications precisely. Also, refer to Chapters 6 – 11 of your text for discussions of the major types of formal reports, Chapter 13 for grammar and style, Chapter 14 for documentation, Chapter 15 for visuals, and Chapter 12 for abstracts and executive summaries.


*it is very very important to follow the outline that I uploaded * I uploaded the proposal that you did it for me to avoid the mistakes * the reference and appendix should be in separate page ( two pages)* I put some notes in the outline page read it carefully please*use IEEE style for work cited please. Also I have upload to you my proposal and one formal report sample and please DO NOT COPY FROM so that it won’t look like as plagiarism. please use 5 ANNOTATED BIBILOGRAPHY for my formal report you will find my ANNOTATED BIBILOGRAPHY: on the proposal uploaded
please keep in mind that this is a technical writing class, so the papers should focus on the technical aspects of topics.

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