“Cathedral” Story by (Raymond Carver

This paper will talk about the author’s background and connections between the author and me (I WILL SEND YOU AN ATTACHMENT THAT TALK ABOUT ME) Please Follow this directions:
In the past, I have had students who have made very personal and deep connections with a story I have assigned. On a couple of occasions, those students have been generous enough to tell me about those connections. I suspect, however, that many times, students have not shared those connections. Another assumption I also bring to this assignment is that each student in my classes either relates to at least one story, really likes a story for some reason, or is perhaps inspired by a story that we have read. Often times, if we carry this connection further, we can discover more about ourselves; we become more self-aware.
-Complete research on the author of the short story that you selected (CATHEDRAL “RAYMOND CARVER’) and find out where he or she was raised/educated, what he or she might have done before writing, who influenced or inspired him or her, and how close he or she might have been to family. You must document your sources using MLA style. This section should be at least 300 words (one page). Do not use first-person here.
-Make connections between yourself and the author, between the author and the story he or she wrote, and between the story and you. This part should be at least 400 words (a little more than one page). You can use first-person for this part.
Works cited page: you will need to cite your outside sources and images found on the internet.
The short story of your choice, the internet for research and submissions, and images, if you choose to incorporate them (if you use images that were not taken by you or someone you know, you must cite them using MLA style).

This assignment is designed to allow you to establish a more meaningful perspective about a story that we have read this semester. Many of us can say simply that we like a story, but without going into too much detail, we never adequately explain why. This project will allow you to do that. For the final assignment, we will also preserve our working knowledge of MLA style for stylistic conventions. You will use Florida Online to upload your writing assignments for originality reports (via the dropbox and turnitin.com) and word count information, but you will also need to print for the peer review and grading

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