Case C- I’m from the Government– and I’m Here to Help You

In APA format fully explain each question with a minimum of 200 words in full detail. Read the case study in the textbook use the following required references

Textbook: Donald L. Lester and John A. Parnell, Organizational Theory: A Strategic Perspective, Atomic Dog Publishing (2007).
reference: Das,Raskit, Debasish Corporate Restructuring Merger, Acquisition and Other Forms
1.In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.
2.Explain the dilemma for organizations that have particularly serious regulatory issues. How should Jay resolve the differences in requirements from the Federal agency, OSHA, versus the state?
3. Employing Porter’s Five Forces model, analyze the industry niche of care for the mentally retarded. What specific conclusions can be drawn from your analysis?
4. Jay believes the required vaccinations would cost almost $30,000 a year, primarily due to his staff turnover rate, which is approximately 40%. Are there any suggestions you might have for Jay as
to how he could reduce that turnover rate? Does the general environment model’s socio-cultural segment offer any clues?

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