Can you forecast whether an adolescent will become bipolar, schizophrenic or recover? (No you cannot forecast whether an adolescent will become bipolar) why not?

Case Study 2: Parents desperate for help with unpredictable adolescent Jane is a 13-year-old Hispanic female who presents in your office with her parents. She reports, I dont know why Im here. Her mother reports, Were here because shes all over the place. One minute shes crying, the next minute shes throwing things, just reminds me of how my younger brother used to act before we realized he has schizophrenia. We just dont know what more to do. Jane has never been treated for mental health in the past. (please use scholarly articles to support this) How can you approach treating symptoms empirically when the diagnosis seems to change every time the patient comes for a visit? Please use scholarly literature to support your answer and textbook references. -APA format -use simple words Please include the textbook below as one of your references: Meyer, J. S., & Quenzer, L. F. (2019). Psychopharmacology: Drugs, the brain, and behavior (3rd ed.). New York: Oxford Press University. ISBN: 978-1605355559

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