Business ethics in a global environment

these two articles will be uploaded:

Paragraph 1-Case summarize:
Please cover the followings:
-Comprehension of the main issues
-What is this text about?
-What is the main issue or problem raised in this text?

Paragraph 2: Problem addressed from the Author
-How does the author address the problem? (20%)
– Comprehension of the problem to be addressed

Paragraph 3: conclusion and recommendation of the text
What is the main conclusion of this text? What recommendations are offered? (20%)
-Evaluation of recommended solution.

Paragraph 4: strengths and weaknesses of the main arguments
-What are the strengths of the argument(s) presented in this text?
-What are its weaknesses? Briefly state the reasons behind your evaluation. (20%)
– Clearly state which part is reporting the case, and which part is your own observation.

Paragraph 5: Reflection on own learning
How has this text contributed to your understanding of business ethics? State up to three most important things you have learnt after reading this text. (20%)
-Reflection on own learning.
1 extra source for one of the summary, excluding the article itself, please one references list for each of the reading.

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