Business and Management

1.    Apply relevant models to Blackberry Hill Farm to analyse the current challenges they have in their operations processes and satisfying the customer. This could include: the input-process-output model; the value chain model and business process mapping. Evaluate how they could improve the operations processes; this should promote the database system and other ideas for operations improvement
2.    Complete a mind map/rich picture to identify and explore the people; management and technology issues at Blackberry Hill Farm. Analyse how to improve the operations and Blackberry Hill Farm considering these issues.
3.    Specialism Topic
Select  one from the following four options and write 600 word summary topic
Option 1: Describe the role of information systems in careers in accounting/finance, human resources, marketing and operations management, and explain how careers in information systems have been affected by new technologies and outsourcing.

Option 2:  For an organisation of your choice, write a 600 word short case that summarises how they have strategically harnessed the use of operations and/or information systems. You could consider using Gartner research as a starting point. Gartner are an Anglia Ruskin partner, you can connect to their site from the click on “auto-login to Gartner website” from the “Links to Partner Sites” section. You do not have to get your case from there; any suitable source will be fine.

Option 3:  How much can business intelligence and business analytics help SME’s refine their business strategy? A good starting point is Chapter 10 Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge.

Option 4:  The acronym Mint is no longer just a peppermint sweet; it is now also an investment acronym which in the next decade or two could prove extremely profitable for investors. The concept, which groups the countries of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, has been popularised by respected economist Jim O’Neill, the man who also coined the BRIC term in 2001. Discuss how the MINT countries can become the next global economic powerhouses.
4.    Academic Rigour
Your assignment should be written in good business English and be well structured and presented. Your assignment should clearly include the academic insight, i.e. the concepts and the supporting references involved, indicated in the assignment and listed in the references and bibliography

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