Assignment Requirements:
 No more than FIVE pages long
 Typed
 Line spacing = Double
 Font = Times New Roman 12pt
 2.5cm (= 1 inch) margins (top, bottom, and sides)
NOTE: These five pages do not include the reference list.
You do not need to rewrite the questions; we know what the questions are! Just label them clearly (i.e., 1a, 1b, 2a, 3a etc.).

This assignment consists of reading two assigned articles and answering related
questions. The questions and any other relevant information (e.g., Plagiarism [and how to avoid it]) will be found on Blackboard. The function of the assignment is to assess your ability to find relevant, recent articles on the topics, relate the study of the brain and behaviour to real-life applications, and write a coherent and concise piece of work

Assignment Reading:
There are 2 main sources of reading for this assignment. They are excerpts from a book and a magazine about surviving and then living with a stroke. They follow the story of Rod McLean, first as he talks about having a stroke and then 10 years later, where he discusses living with the effects of a stroke.

1. The book excerpt by Bergquist, McLean, and Kobylinski (2000) –is available on e-Reserve (via the Library catalogue or a link on Blackboard)
2. The magazine excerpt by McLean (2003) is a webpage (link on Blackboard) and is also provided as a PDF


ALL statements of fact must be referenced, except for those facts it might reasonably be expected that most first year university students would know (e.g., humans have a brain). Therefore, referencing only at the ends of paragraphs is NOT adequate.
Do not use the World Wide Web, Encarta, dictionaries or encyclopaedias as
reference sources for your assignment. Part of your task is to source information from journals and books. Of course, you are allowed to use Electronic journals.
Students must use the Australian Psychological Association (APA, 6th ed.)
referencing style when preparing assignments.

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