Book Review

One book review will be required of all students. It must at least 1050 but no more than 1225 words in length typed (5 points will be taken off for every 200 words OVER OR UNDER the assigned limit) and will be on The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, ISBN#978-0312-42507-4. If a paper is turned in late, 5 points will be deducted from the score of the paper for each calendar day late it is turned in. The paper must be double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with one inch margins. MLA guidelines must be followed. Title pages should NOT be used as they are not generally part of the MLA format. Please cite all information that comes from an outside source, including the book being reviewed. You must cite if you summarize information from an outside source; if you directly quote from an outside source; and/or if you use any facts, figures, or other information from an outside source (works cited and endnotes pages do not count as part of the total page length). You must have in-text citation (parenthetical notation) and a works cited page. If you have any questions about citation, please see me. In order to receive full credit on written assignments, they must be received by the professor no later than 11:59pm on the due date, regardless of whether or not the student attended class that day. Assignments must be turned in through ECollege as Word attachments. Please make sure that your first and last names are in your file name (JenniferHawley_Research Paper.docx—for example).

Your book review should deal with/answer the following points/questions (points will be deducted for each one not covered)(you may deal with them in any order you wish, but you must identify each by including the number in parentheses immediately before your answer):
1) What do you think of the first chapter? Did it change how you looked at the rest of the book?
2) Identify the book’s main point. Do you think the author covers it adequately?
3) What do you think of the descriptions of life in The “flat world”?
4) What was your favorite part? Why? AND What was your least favorite part? Why?
5) What is your overall opinion of the book (please be honest)?
6) What do you think of the way the book is arranged?
7) Identify as least one thing you learned from this book.
8) What do you think of Friedman as an author? Do you think he is biased?
9) Would you recommend this book to others (please be honest)?
10) Did this book change the way you look at the world today? Please explain your answer.

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