Book Review: Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid that Sparked the Civil War:byTony Horwitz

2. Your final draft should be three (3) complete pages long.
3. There should be no footnotes in a review. If you quote from the book
reviewed, the page citations should be in the text, thus (p.100) or (Pp.
100-102). Put citations at the end of the sentence. Be sure to quote
correctly, including punctuation, capitalization, and the spelling used
by the author.
4. All persons mentioned in the review should be identified by their full
names the first times their names appear; first name, middle initial (if
any) and last name. After that, last name is fine.
5. Review must be typed or word-processed. It must be double-spaced –
except for the heading, which is single-spaced.
6. Proofread your review several times before submitting it.
7. You must give convincing evidence that you have read and are
reviewing the entire book, not only one part of it. Additionally, please
do not be foolish enough to plagiarize or copy a book review off the
Internet. It is easier to write one and much, much less painful than
getting caught.

Reports will be typed in 12 pt. font (Times New Roman),
double-spaced, and three (3) pages
in length.

One paragraph identifying thesis and if the author achieves the stated purpose of the book

one or two paragraphs summarizing the book

one paragraph on the books strengths

on paragraph on the books weaknesses

one paragraph on your assessment of the books strengths and weaknesses.

The following example is the required heading for a review; it (heading
only) should be single spaced. Substitute your book information to follow
the eample below.
Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction: The Louisiana Experiment.
By Peyton McCrary. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1978.
Pp. vii + 423. Preface, tables, appendices, bibliography, index. $25.)
2. If the book has illustrations, maps, charts, or other special features these
should be included in the above;[note to students: you may not know
the price of the book; simply leave this out if unavailable].
3. Your name and name of institution belong at the end of the review – on
the bottom of the last page, as shown below.

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