Book analyze – Valley forge winter: civilians and soldiers in war (2002) by Wayne Bodle

Perhaps this book review can best be thought of as a cross between a book report and a term paper because it is expected to go beyond merely outlining the contents. Although it is, of course, important to summarize the contents of the book as part of the review, should analyze it in some depth. In reading the book, should pay attention to the footnotes and bibliography, seek out information about the author, and consult the text and other books to gain a wider perspective on the book’s subject.
1. Papers must be written in college-level English.
2. Papers must be at least 1000 words in length.
3. Papers must review an approved book.
4. Papers must have a thesis and support that thesis in the body of the paper.
5. Papers must not simply summarize the book being reviewed.
6. Papers must use the MLA system of citation with a “Works Cited” page, giving a full citation for the book being reviewed and any other books cited.

The most important aspect of the essay is to determine the thesis or main argument of the book and describe how this is presented and supported. Is the case convincing? Does the author seem to have approached the topic from a relatively objective point of view, or is a clear bias apparent? What sources did the author use? Is the author clearly arguing against another historian’s interpretation of the subject? What is your opinion about the argument the author is making?

All books of history have some argument in the material they are presenting. Try to identify what this argument is and give your opinion about the validity of this approach.

The main body of your review should be at 1000-1250 words in length (this is equivalent to at least 4 full pages in length, typed and double spaced, with margins no larger than 1 inch in width, using a standard word processing program). Every paper must have a full citation of the book being reviewed and a proper bibliography in the MLA style at the end if you have consulted any additional works.


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