Blue Jasmine

The essay is based on  movie “Blue Jasmine”. I am supposed to write a literary criticism essay based on only “ONE” of the following literary lenses:
1- Archetypal 2- Feminist 3- Deconstructionist 4- Freudian/Psychoanalytical  5- New Historical 5- Moral/ Philosophical  6- Post-colonial 7- Marxist 8- Formalist.
3 body paragraphs . 5 paragraphs all in all.
paragraph 1 (Introduction) :
hook or “grab”
orientation  of the author, text, content or film the reader
introduces the lens you will be analyzing the film/with
describes/ summarizes the film/text briefly
presents 3 arguments /proofs in a logical thesis
Body paragraphs: each body paragraph should:
include support, using evidence from the film/text and connections with the critical lens for analysis.
make sure to explain how the lens reveals the message of the film/text using specific examples/quotations
connect examples/support to the thesis
– restates the thesis and summarizes arguments
– general commentary
– ends with a “gift, insight or final thought: that answers “so what” ?
– connect your ideas to something new and different
– make real-life applications
– Knowledge:  demonstrates thorough and insightful understanding of movie (plot, characters, themes, symbols, etc. ) .
-Clear understanding of literary criticism
– Thinking: Provides a clear and justified  critique of the movie
-Excellent & thoroughly effective analysis of the movie through the chosen lens.
-Incorporates thorough & convincing supporting evidence and specific examples with a high degree of effectiveness
– Communication:
-Demonstrates skillful, effective and logical organization & coherence
-MLA format
-no grammatical errors
-Uses formal style with sophisticated effective and confident diction

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