Blood donation: The Gift of Life

Persuasive Speech: You are asking for a change in the audience’s beliefs about a particular issue or subject. The topic should be of a controversial nature in that your audience will clearly have differing opinions. The logic of your arguments and the quality of your supporting materials are important. Style and delivery are also important for the success in any persuasive message. Students will evaluate each other for 10 points. (5-9 minutes) Outline required with sources.

Main ideas: After explaining the need for a sufficient blood
supply, the donation process, and benefits of giving blood I hope you
will decide to save people’s lives by donating blood.

Title: Think of a creative title
Thesis: Make sure to think of a thesis you can use what I have for the central ideas. ( you may reword or add anything to make it better)

Source: There need to be current sources. 3 of which can be online source. Do NOT use Wikipedia. The other 2 have to be current book source. Actual books you can find in a library. ** DO NOT USE SOURCES OLDER THAN 2009 **

Bibliography: Please include a bibliography @ the end of the outline. This can be in either MLA or APA format. (Make sure that you have in alphabetical order and in the right format)

Additional Information: Please make sure to write the outline in full sentences.
*Follow the outline format that I have provided.*
*Check for spelling and grammar errors. *

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