Biome – Beijing, China.

A. A map of the area showing where it is located globally as well as a picture of the region.
B. A description of the major biome of the area.
C. The climate map of the major biome including average annual precipitation, temperature and
frost-free months.
D. The major plants and animals of the area to indicate total diversity and density.
E. Any issues with endangered species and extinction.
F. Amount and impact of human activity in the area (urban, rural; industry, agriculture, etc)
G. Type of government and information of what kind of protection they offer to the ecosystems.
H. What the area known for and what language (s) are spoken there.
I. Describe any historical significance the region has; any current issues it must deal with.** Most important**

The paper should be typed and organized into sections. Although no specific formatting is required,
sources you have used should be cited within the text of the paper and also placed in a reference
section at the end of the paper. It is imperative to always use your own wording; however, if direct
quotes are taken from references, they must be cited. A specific title identifying your topic followed by
your name should be centered at the top of the first page. Figures, diagrams and maps may be inserted
into the paper or included at the end, but must have identifying captions.

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