Better Health Care in Poverty Level Philadelphians


Better Health Care in Poverty Level Philadelphians



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25th, January 2013



The city of Philadelphia faces increased rates of poverty, and it is feared that the situation might get worse in future, if appropriate steps are not taken to address this. Families struggle to survive in this city, even as healthcare costs continue to rise at a higher speed than people’s wages. This has resulted in a considerable number of people to lack health insurance, and not be able to afford decent healthcare. A major health outcome of this is high infant mortality rate, which is higher than, and almost twice, as the national average. Therefore, this needs positive change through various programs in the area. A community health promotion will help improve this situation if the program sets and adheres to its objectives, as this essay suggests (Diffley, J.  & Parker).

In order to eliminate inequalities in healthcare provision among Philadelphians, and reduce gap between rich and poor, the healthcare providers will ensure that they offer their health services, to all; including poor and rich, thus the economically challenged patients will have equal access to healthcare. The rich have had an advantage in accessing quality health in the area, increasing poor health among the economically challenged. Therefore, access to quality healthcare will cease to base on economic status of a person (Green & Tones, 2010).

Secondly, the community healthcare promotion will ensure that all the people participate in health promotion and strive toward their own empowerment.  Through community mobilization, the people will be encouraged to take control of their lives, by making the right decisions in life, as the more empowerment they have, the more power they have to make decisions influencing their health. Public participation in health promotion will be ensured by challenging Philadelphians to be responsible for themselves, and take personal steps to address their life problems and improve their living conditions (Ludovici-Connolly, 2010).

The third goal of this health promotion is to bring various influential partners on board.  Factors of health promotion are wide, thus one party cannot achieve the goals alone, but with collaboration with different companies, the public, civil society, and private companies. Proposal writing inviting various partners to come on board will help in development of stronger strategies, and funding to ensure quality health among all Philadelphians (Green & Tones, 2010).

Different obstacles have existed among Philadelphians, in their way to quality health. This community health promotion will aim at removing all the hindrances to healthcare among the people, so that they can as well enjoy quality health. These goals must be achieved not more than the next five years, to compensate for the quality healthcare most Philadelphians have missed for most of their lives.



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