Being There (1979) Movie Response

Format of the Essay
You must use MLA format and include a Works Cited page.
Your audience for this essay on the film “Being There” is anyone who is not familiar with the film. Therefore, you must provide an introduction to the film.

Write a one-paragraph introduction to the film. Include such things as the following:
Create a strong hook to pull the reader into your essay.
Be sure to include the full title of the film and its date of release.
Include the names of the director, stars, and film production company of the film.
• Create a strong thesis (an argument or claim that begs to be proved) on how Chance the Gardener is very much like or unlike people today who are influenced by the media (not just the TV). Be specific. Who does he remind you of? Are you like Chance in any way?


Summarize the plot of the film in your own words. One paragraph.
Be sure to note the climax of the movie and all the events that contributed to that climax.

Denouement: What happens as a result of the climax, and what is the meaning of the ending when Chance walks on water?

Discuss the moral effect of the film on our culture.
Analyze two characters in the movie and how they exemplify being influenced by the media.

Write a one-paragraph conclusion that re-states the thesis in more detail: This movie is good (or great or awful) because of the first thing, second thing, and third thing (or more) that you analyzed

Total Length of Paper
2 – 3 pages including a Works Cited page.

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