Become familiar with some curriculum issues in CTE

CTE 5420: Curriculum Development in CTE

Application Exercise #3 on instructor interview Name: ______________________

Learning Objective: Become familiar with some curriculum issues in CTE.

Procedure: Interview a CTE instructor in your content area at a middle school, high school or tech center and respond to the following questions or statements. Students are to type a two-page paper in standard format (see Zinser’s Checklist). Staple this rubric to the paper and sign your name in the space above.

1. What school and instructor did you visit? What are the characteristics of the students in terms of motivation, and math and reading ability?

2. What are the arrangements for integrating academics in this CTE program? What support personnel are available?

3. What is the program length? How is the curriculum determined? Determine if there is an active advisory committee (if so, ask for a copy of the minutes of a recent meeting).

4. What funding is available? What is the process used to revise courses?

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