Beach resort and Spa-Resort Development

Writing Major Report Using APA Style of Writing

The Resort Project. You MUST select one (1) of five (5) typed of resorts listed on page 17-18 of the syllabus. Then prepare a written report on how you would develop this type of resort property having a room capacity of 300 rooms. Your report MUST use the information provided in research project writing rubric on page 15 of the syllabus.

ALL LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE GIVEN A GRADE OF ZERO (0). All Assignments MUST be placed in in the drop box on ANGEL before the due date.

This guide will introduce you to the proper way to plan, write and present a report. Reports are an essential part of business life, and skills you develop now will serve you well throughout your career.
The main purpose of a report is to provide information so that others can make a decision or take action.


Reports can vary in length, as long as they meet the required outcomes.
A report of one or two pages may be presented in memo format, providing a brief summary of activities. However, you are writing a long report and therefore, a longer reports will need to follow the structure as outline below.

Before preparing a report, it is important to clarify what information is required, and how much detail the person requesting the report needs.

Sources for APA style of writing: FGCU Library BF76.7.S39 2012 reference section

PARTS OF A REPORT (Suggested order when writing your report)

1. Letter of transmittal (10 Points)

* Is a formal business letter addressed to the person requesting the report.
* Make your transmittal letter as clear and neat as possible.
* Used correct business letter format and keep your letters brief (usually no more than one page, single
* Include important dates or deadlines that the reader should be made aware of.
* Identify the contents of the package you send when sending a bid, proposal, or quotation in response to a
* Your letter of transmittal should address your client, and it should briefly explain the title of the enclosed
proposal or other document, delineate the research completed to produce the document, and outline the
major sections of the document.
* It contains three (3) paragraphs.

Example # 1: Sample letter of transmittal

Collin D. Ramdeen
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965
Tel. # 239-590-1298

February 15, 2011

Mr. Robert Freedman
Lake Las Vegas Resort
Henderson, NV 89119

Dear Mr. Freedman:

Introductory Paragraph # 1: relate the enclosed final report to the proposal and show how the report has
met your objectives or how your objectives have changed.

Body Paragraph # 2: summarizes or draw attention to specific material in the report. In other words give an
overview of your results/findings.

Conclusion Paragraph # 3: concludes by offering to help and assistance with the interpretation of your
report and any further work necessary.


Collin D. Ramdeen

Enclosure: Final Report

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