Based on what you know of the various ways that Eleanor Roosevelt broke with tradition and precedent in her approach to being First Lady, how is this letter consistent with that approach?

From the U.S. National Archives: A March 19, 1936 letter from First Lady to NAACP executive secretary Walter Francis White regarding her feelings and those of her husband on the subject of the continuance of lynchings throughout the South. Please remember to cite specific examples.D1: Based on this message, what is the argument made by Mrs. Roosevelt in regards to the subject of lynching as its applies to the federal government? What actions has she supposedly taken on behalf of the NAACP? Why might President Roosevelt have felt that taking dramatic actions to eliminate lynchings was politically unfeasible?D2: Examine the state of lynchings in the United States during the 1930s. Was there an increase or decline in the number of reported instances of racially-motivated violence? Investigate the steps taken by African American leaders to eliminate lynchings during the early 1900s. What methods proved to be the most effective?

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