Balancing Work, School, and Family





Balancing Work, School, and Family

Living in a competitive world, I have learnt be part of the competition by working hard to achieve the best performance in my studies and my job, while maintaining strong ties with my family. Lagging behind would mean failure on my side, and a shuttered future. Achieving a balance of these three vital factors in my life has not been easy, as it required self-sacrifice and commitment. However, using effective time management has been of great help to me, as it balances the time I allocate to my job, studies, and family, and so has propelled me to the achievement of my goals.

Learning how to manage my time has been a journey, which has taught me how to utilize the time at my disposal as a resource in prioritizing, organizing, and succeeding in my studies, my job, and sustaining the bond with my family. In order to get good grades in English, I applied my time management skills in form of good study habits, and this proved to be effective.  As each semester begins, I use my course work to plan for weekly blocks of my study time, which include breaks. I note down the best time to study, the amount of time I will study, and the nature of break I will take to re-energize myself. I also make a wise selection of my study place. A place devoid of destructions has maximized my concentration while studying. I vary these places to include the departmental study centre and the library.

Effective time management comprises good organization. Owning a diary for my appointments has helped me attend to important issues at school, work, and at home. Similarly, my calendar has been of help in keeping track of deadlines for assignments at school, projects at work, and family days out. The aspect of work reviewing has also contributed to the achievement of my goals. On Sunday nights, I do a review of my English assignments and notes. I also review my notes before and after classes. Reading before a class helps me ask my teacher to address an issue I did not understand in the last class. On the other hand, reviewing notes immediately after class helps me grasp what has been taught, as it is easier to forget if work is not reviewed within the first 24 hours. Using my calendar, I note the deadlines for my English assignments, and other class assignments, as well as the start dates of exams. Prioritizing my assignments has helped me handle the most difficult tasks successfully, as I begin with them while I am still at my best. Being focused while managing my time has helped me set aside all the activities I consider unnecessary, until I accomplish the most important ones. Additionally, I set aside considerable time for consultation with external sources such as my tutors, a few expert friends, and library specialists, who can refer me to better reading material. This has greatly saved my time looking for relevant study material and solutions to challenging questions.

Conclusively, balancing school, family, and work is one of the major challenges I have successfully addressed, using effective time management skills. Good time management skills compel me to hold a high value for diaries and calendars, as these help me in planning and equally allocating time between school, work, and family. Deadlines are important aspects of my assignments both at school, and at work; therefore, calendars and diaries serve as my reminder of the deadlines. Time is limited, and wasted time cannot be regained, this therefore has taught me to maximize my time during the day by waking up very early. Nonetheless, I owe my success in my English papers and other course units to my good time management skills, which have equally helped me, strike a balance between work and my family. However, this has not been easy as it calls for motivation, focus, and commitment to the desired goals.

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