I’m attaching a the file it’s an article and then answer the following questions


1.who wrote this essay in 1932, figured that the American school system was no longer educating people, but training them. Seems he was a bit of a prophet as, apparently, training has become even more pronounced (at the expense of education) today in our academic system. Carefully read his essay to get a grasp of his distinctions between E-people and T-people, and let me know your reactions. Keep the quality of commentary high, as before.

2. Nock says he wishes there were real "Educational" (not training) universities around. Fair enough. What would Nock have you study? What would his curriculum be like. And I’m going to save you all some time by telling you this: the difference between the T-university and the E-university IS NOT A MATTER OF THE FORMER FORCING A CURRICULUM ON YOU AND THE LATTER GIVING YOU THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Nock will give you the curriculum to follow at his university, too. I just want to see what you think an INTELLECT AND CHARACTER BUILDING curriculm would be like.

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