Assignment 3: Entry Strategy

1. Description of the task

Assignment 3 requires you to write a Report presenting a current (2016) scenario, plus a forecast based on this scenario for 4-5 years to 2021 for Villiers’s possible entry into South Korea. This assignment will build on material from Assignment 2 by covering issues relating to potential market, industry and competitor analysis, modes of entry and other relevant factors addressed in topics 7 to 11 of the Unit and your wider research.

• Assignment 3 must include a market analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis relevant to the company and the country using the information provided in the Assessment Overview document.
• This must be combined with the analysis of the environmental material in the Assignment 2 report to develop recommendations as to the mode of entry1Villiers should use for entry into South Korea.
• There should be recommendations as to the strategy and structure the company should use in implementing its market entry decision.

• Executive summary
• Introduction
• Industry analysis
• Market analysis
• Competitor analysis
• SWOT analysis
• International strategy
• Mode of entry
• International structure
• International human resource management
• International marketing
• International finance & accounting
• Recommendations and conclusions
• References
• Appendices including an Assumptions appendix

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